2019 Holy Week

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Come Join us for the Special Week of Holy Week

We Invite you to join us for Holy Week. This is the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. In this week we remember the drama and events that took place when Jesus was in Jerusalem and gave us His Ultimate Sacrifice.

We have special services through the week each observing a special event of Holy Week. You are invited to join us for any one or all services that week.

Seder Meal & Service "Christ in the Passover"

April 14th

Commemorating the Passover Service and its relevance to Jesus, the Cross and Easter

Laguna Woods Campus:

Sunday April 14th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Palm Sunday

April 13th &14th

Celebrating the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, come see Jesus as the King

Laguna Woods Campus:

Saturday April 13th at 5PM

Sunday  April 14th at 7:45AM, 9AM & 11AM

Aliso Viejo Campus

Sunday April 14th 9:45am

Maundy Thursday

 April 18th

Living a life of service is what defines being a Christian. Come hear about how Jesus showed His love for you in this Holy Communion service remembering the Last Supper.

Laguna Woods Campus:

Worship Services – 10:30 am and 7 pm

Aliso Viejo Campus:

Worship Services — 6 pm

Holy Communion at all services

NOTE: 5th Graders partake in First Holy Communion.

Good Friday

April 19th

This is one of the most impacting services we have. Remembering the moments and the words Jesus spoke while he hung upon the Cross. We end the service in solitude to then return to Church on Easter full of celebration.

Laguna Woods Campus:

Worship Services – 10:30 am and 7 pm

Aliso Viejo Campus:

Worship Service – 7 pm

Easter Eve Saturday

April 20th

If you can’t make it Sunday come early on Saturday evening and get the full celebration of Jesus’ resurrection conquering death.

Laguna Woods Campus:

Worship Service – 5PM

Easter Sunday

April 21th

We start early at first light down on Aliso Beach with worship and then we move into a full day of celebration and worship at both campuses. Come join in with us and stay for food and fun after.

Laguna Woods Campus:

Worship Services - 7:45 am, 9 am, 11 am

Easter Brunch - 8 am to 10 am ($5 per person)

Sunday School Easter Celebration for the Kids - 9 am

Aliso Viejo Campus:

Worship Services - 6:30AM Aliso Beach,

Easter Worship -- 9:45AM

Sunday School Easter Celebration Brunch (following 9:45am Worship)