The Value of Giving

At Lutheran Church of the Cross we teach that giving is a part of worshiping God. We are to be servants to God and the world around us. So we look at giving in a holistic way focusing on three things that God first gives to us.


Tithing means giving of your money. The Bible tells us to give of our first fruits, which means to give to God before you use your resources for anything else. It also says the amount you give is between you and God.

Online Giving


God gave us all talents. God also expects us to use our talents in helping to grow His Church. We love it when people give of their talents to the service of the church. We have several ways for you use your talents.

I Want to Help


We have many programs at Lutheran Church of the Cross where we use volunteers. From in office work, to helping out at worship services, to teaching Sunday School or more. You can find a place where you can help.

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