Memorial Day

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Dear friends in Christ,

Don’t forget to remember

Memorial Day
Monday, May 27th

 It is an important moment for all of us to honor the great price many people paid by giving their lives to preserve the historically unprecedented civil and religious freedoms we as Americans have the luxury to take largely for granted.  It is important also to reflect on our own Christian lives and the wonderful truth that Christ gave His life for ours.

The importance of Memorial Day is for our future as well. The future of the United States depends on us remembering and cherishing what liberty really is and recalling the terror of tyranny. There is a high cost to forgetting; in the words of George Santayana’s famous aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

May we always give thanks for our country and for those who served to give us the freedoms we have.  And ultimately, let us never forget Jesus who died on the cross, so that we would be set free from condemnation for our sins.  In our sanctuaries, we have both the Christian flag and the American flag.  May we remember both our allegiances always.

In Christ,

Pastor Leland Lantz