Men’s Bible Study – Men of Integrity Group

LCOTCBible Study, Both Campuses

Men’s Bible Study (Men of Integrity Group)

Led by Pastor Ron Michelson

Saturdays at 7:00AM (In-Person at Laguna Woods Campus)

Saturdays at 7:00 AM (online)
Description: Matthew brings us the good news of God’s grace in Jesus Christ through the story of His birth, activity, teaching, death by crucifixion and resurrection.  This book gives us great insight into how Jesus is the culminating point of God’s plan of salvation – from His promise to Abraham, to Israel, to Jesus and to us!  As a result, there are many references to the Old Testament and how it has always pointed us to Christ. We will look at those, as well as the chronology of His ministry, the discourses, parables and promises.