Spring offerings 2017

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday 8:45 AM — Aliso Viejo/Conf. Rm
Tuesday 6 AM — Laguna Woods/Library
Wed 10 AM — Laguna Woods/Social Hall
Thurs 6:30 PM — Laguna Woods/Social Hall

Study on Exodus

The Book of Exodus is a story of struggle and liberation, of heartbreak and hope. And though it was recorded over 2500 years ago, it speaks to many of the SAME issues Christians are confronting today!

It has been said that if you understand the Exodus, the rest of the Old Testament and the promise of Jesus Christ comes clearly into focus. Join us in this detailed verse by verse study of this foundational book of the bible and how it applies to our life today.

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Weekly Schedule:

Sunday 10:00 AM — Laguna Woods/Library

Connecting with Christ

Come grow in faith as we explore in a group setting what it means to live a life that is reflected in a deepening relationship with Jesus and one another. That is, how we are “becoming together” in Jesus Christ as we live that life of faith in and through that same Jesus Christ.

Weekly Schedule:

Thursday 6:30PM — Laguna Woods/Library

Gospel of Matthew

Matthew’s Gospel is the Good News of of both the life of Jesus and the prophetic fulfillment which bridges the Old Testament to the New. Come and learn that Jesus is the long awaited king of who possesses divine authority to save his people, the world, and you from their sins.

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Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday 9:00 AM — Laguna Woods/Library
Wednesday 9:00 AM — Laguna Woods/Library

and Life

Join us as we connect day-to-day family life through scriptural studies that teach us how to better model and teach the Christ-centered life in parenting and interpersonal relationships.

Weekly Schedule:

Wednesday 8:30 AM — Aliso Viejo/Conf. Rm

Men’s Devotional
and Prayer

Start your day right as you gather with other men for a prayer and devotional reading together. Coffee too!

Weekly Schedule:

Thursday 9:00 AM — Laguna Woods/Library

Beth Moore Studies

You are invited to study with other women as we learn via the Beth Moore video series to trust and grow in the encouragement and strength that only Jesus can provide.
Childcare is provided!

Weekly Schedule:

Wednesday 6:30 PM — Aliso Viejo/Conf. Rm

Topical Studies

Gather with us as we study and discover together what it means to live and grow in the grace of Jesus Christ. We follow several topical studies during the year that explore life as a Christ follower. Food and fellowship is offered as well from 5:30-6:30!

Weekly Schedule:

Sat 7:00 AM — Laguna Woods/Social Hall

Promise Keepers

A Promise Keeper is committed to building strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values. Come as the Word of God speaks directly to us as men and encourages us to let “iron sharpen iron.”