Pastor Leland


Listen to Pastor Leland's thought for you today


Please join us for our Sunday Service Online. Invite your families and friends to come too! 

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If you have any pastoral needs, please call me at the church office:
(949) 837-4673

God bless you and stay safe and healthy!


Gather -

In place of our in-person services, we will gather online each week for worship as we encourage, support, and pray for one another.

Give -

There is no greater moment in time, where we need the church to be the church. In this season we are committed to being generous people, who trust God with our resources as we give our tithes and offerings to further the Kingdom work being done.


In this season we need to remember to care for ourselves (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically) and to help remind those in our circles of influence to do the same!

First, we need to take care of our own health, so that we can take care of others. Please be sure to follow the CDC guidelines to stay healthy, wash your hands often, and do your part in social distancing with the latest updates and guidelines.


In times where we feel shaken, we look to our unshakeable God, who promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. He has a plan and a purpose.

Part of that purpose involves YOU acting like Jesus to those around you. We believe there are a few simple ways that we can do that:

Spend time each day in God's word; God is going to speak to you about your life and the lives of others.

Pray each day individually and we will do the same throughout our church in groups and in families.

As followers of Jesus, we lock arms with others in good times and tough times. Typically we do this in-person, and when we can't, we can spend time with our group online!

In-between these meetings we can encourage our group, family, and friends by texting, praying and letting everyone know that they aren't alone in this season!